BSch3V Schematic capture package -Free Software-

BSch3V is a schematic capture program for Windows 10/11

The name "BSch" is an abbreviation of "Basic Schematic". It has only basic functions, in order to simplify operation.
This package contains the following software and data;
  • BSch3V Schematic capture (Ver. 0.84.00)
  • LCoV Component library editor (Ver. 0.84.00)
  • PL3W Partslist generator (Ver. 0.84.00)
  • NL3W Netlist generator (Ver. 0.84.00)
  • NUT3W Automatic numbering software (Ver. 0.84.00)
  • CE3Search Searching utility for CE3 files. (Ver. 0.84.00)
  • Component library
  • Visual C++ 2015-2022 Runtime Library
  • Source code
The function update is only for BSch3V.exe. For other software, the version numbers have been aligned due to changes of the runtime library.

BSch3V Package 140503 or later are distributed under the 2 clause BSD license.

BSch3V series Version 0.8x supports UNICODE, and a character code of file-I/O is changed to UTF-8.
Files created with an older version of BSch3V series can be read by version 0.8 or later.
But old Version BSch3V can not read the files created with BSch3V series Version 0.8. So if you exchange files with your friend who uses old BSch3V, I recommend you to use non-unicode BSch3V (included in the Package 120325)

Latest Package

BSch3V Package 240108 with Runtime Library (  15,251,637 bytes)   8 Jan 2024

Previous Package

BSch3V Package 160504 with Runtime Library (  8,053,654 bytes)


Online Manual
Download manual HTML-files for BSch3V series and Minimal Board Editor( 1,458,828 bytes) 24 April 2011
Update information   

Related files for UNICODE Version

Add-in for NL3W 0.8 or later to create KiCAD type netlist.    08 Sep 2013   20,834 bytes

yfNetDiff Modified   -Free Software-

yfNetDiff is a netlist comparison software. And also can be used to convert a netlist format.

Original yfNetDiff was created by Yoshiaki UEDA(y's Factory) in 2005.
Sugyodo's modified version 0.21 is build based on the original yfNetDiff Version 0.20.

  • It works on Windows 10/11
  • Supported netlist
    • Telesis
    • PADS
    • ZukenECF
    • Protel
  • Source code
  • Yoshiaki UEDA's original licence
yfNetDiff Modified Version 0.21.01 (1,683,867 bytes)   08 Dec 2023

NON-UNICODE Version Package 120325   25 Mar 2012

BSch3V Package 120325 with Runtime Library ( 6,671,280 bytes)
This package includes the installer for runtime library.

Related files for NON-UNICODE Version

Add-in for NL3W 0.6x to create KiCAD type netlist.    03 April 2011   22,803 bytes

Minimal Board Editor-Free Software-

Minimal Board Editor is a small Print Circuit Board editor Software.
  • single layer, double layer and four layer
  • up to 300mm square
  • exports RS-274X extended Gerber and Excellon drill data.
It needs .NET Framework 2.0 or later.
Source code included.
Latest version
Minimal Board Editor Version 0.53.02 ( 566,579 bytes)   27 Oct 2018
Previous version
Minimal Board Editor Version 0.52.00 ( 575,640 bytes)   23 Mar 2013
Minimal Board Editor Version 0.51.07 ( 573,196 bytes)   11 Feb 2012

Online Manual  11 Feb 2012

Update information  27 Oct 2018

SmdICpad for Minimal Board Editor

SmdICpad is a utility software for Minimal Board Editor.

It creates pad data of QFP, PLCC, SOP, etc.

Version 0.2 supports making a inclined component.
SmdICpad Version 0.2( 186,625 bytes)    10 Aug 2012
Small TOOLS for Minimal Board Editor made with Excel

  You can generate data of Minimal Board Editor with Microsoft Excel.
  It does not use any macro. So you can use these small tools on LibreOffice too.

Regular Polygon
  Minimal Board Editor has the POLYGON tool. With this tool, you can place a plane copper area.
  But Minimal Board Editor does not provide the function to place a circular plane copper area.
  With this worksheet, you can place a regular polygon which has much vertexes instead of a circle data. (12,642 bytes)   14 May 2011

Place PTHs
  You can place PTHs with specified size, pitch and pin-number.
  To create a pad data for QFP IC, please use SmdICpad. (13,487 bytes)   14 May 2011

Old edition softwares

It became difficult to maintain the following softwares by various circumstances.
All of these are open source software. You can modify and redistribute them under the license of each program.

Qt-BSch3V Schematic capture based on Qt 4

Qt-BSch3V is a cross platform schematic capture program.

It is subset of BSch3V, and is distributed with source code only.

Tested on;
  • Windows 2000/XP + Qt 4.0.1
  • Knoppix 3.8.1 on HDD + Qt 4.0.1
  • OSX(PPC) 10.4.2 + Qt 4.0.1
Please refer to Trolltech ( about Qt.

Schematic capture Qt-BSch3V Version 0.25 ( 268,794 bytes)
Component library editor Qt-LCoV Version 0.23 ( 149,215 bytes)


BSch and LCo (Schematic editor and Library editor)
BSch 0.92e with LCo 0.23e( 707,951 bytes)


Plist (Partslist utility for BSch)
Plist Version 0.11e( 105,140 bytes)


Nlist (Netlist utility for BSch)
Nlist Version 0.91e( 217,870 bytes)


Nut (Reference number utility for BSch)
Nut Version 0.91e( 132,741 bytes)


Qt-BSch and Qt-LCo
Schematic editor Qt-BSch 0.11(qbsc011a.tgz 113,340bytes)
Library editor Qt-LCo 0.03(qlco003a.tgz 129,297bytes)