Manual of Minimal Board Editor

About Minimal Board Editor

 Minimal Board Editor is a Print Circuit Board editor software, works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

 It is thought that software is better when there are a lot of functions. But Minimal Board Editor aims to design the print circuit boards with the minimal functions.

 This program is distributed under GPL2.

 I am using Visual Studio 2008 C# Standard edition to develop it. Perhaps, you can build it by Visual C# 2008 Express Edition too.

This program outputs Gerber data. Even if you get an unexpected PCB, I do not assume any responsibility.
I recommend you to verify the CAM data before ordering the PCB.


Minimal Board Editor need .NET Framework 2.0 or later.

Specification of Minimal Board Editor


Beforehand, please install .NET Framework 2.0 or later.
(.NET Framework has already been installed in Windows Vista.)
You can get .NET Framework from Download Center of Microsoft's WEB site.

In the distribution package of Minimal Board Editor, the following files are necessary for execution.

Please make an appropriate folder, and copy these files in that.


Window of Minimal Board Editor


Layer of Minimal Board Editor


I make the user interface of this program become to the Windows standard as much as possible.
But selection objects and moving objects may be little confusing.
I recommend you to see the Selector tool first.

File Open/Save file.
Export image file, CAM data, Netlist.
Print, DRC
Exit from this program.
Edit Basic edit command (Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete)
Change properties/layer of objects.
View Change view mode. Detail
Tool Choose mode to place objects. Detail
Set Various Settings Detail
Help Version information  

Context Menu
Add Node Divide a line Detail
Property Refer to the detail of the Edit menu


Changing the tool with one key
Defining a shortcut-key
When you open the file of Minimal Board Editor with text editor, be careful to the character code.

Guideline of Drawing

Unit of inputting size
Where is a setting information of Minimal Board Editor?